MadeMe x Converse’s Latest Collaboration

A New York label MadeMe has collaborated with one of my favored shoe brands, Converse. The new collaboration has all of my favorite things, its a 90s style shoe, all four with platforms and the best, they have the materials of corduroy and Napa leather. The shades of colour that these come n is a yellow, navy blue, olive green and black. This collaboration was released at such a perfect time for summer, even though there are a few showers here and there, nevertheless the shoes are just aesthetic.

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OOTD – PINK *13th April 2018*


Not going to lie it has been a while, I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m back with an OOTD post as my comeback. I’m going to keep this short and simple and make this a quick post. Friday 13th April I had a little bit of an adventure, and found some really cool spots for photos, and it turned out that everywhere had a pink theme, which was a coincidence since my outfit was pink themed, definitely not planned either.

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Outfit Appreciation Post [Supreme Flame T]

I can see myself posting a lot of posts like this, and instead of calling them a lookbook, because they aren’t really a lookbook, I have given these posts a whole completely new name, ‘Outfit Appreciation Posts’, I believe this is a better name compared to a lookbook.

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Frankie Collective Reworked Supreme Collection Drop

If you’re like me and you love Streetwear so much, then you will probably want to get ready for this reworked supreme collection from Frankie Collective. Frankie Collective has become one of my favourite place to shop for vintage reworked clothes, minus the fact that it is in dollars, and now they are dropping a collection which is all about supreme.

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3 Best Streetwear trends of 2017


There has been a lot of trends that have come and gone through the past year, going from things like fishnet tights and fanny packs. Through this all of these hip and outright absurd trends, which surely we have gotten some inspiration from this ever-growing streetwear collective. So I thought why not give my opinion on the cool trends in streetwear fashion.

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Where to Buy a Vintage Louis Vuitton and Gucci Bag

2017 has been filled with throwbacks, from crunchy trainers, fanny packs, Kappa and Champion becoming a craze. It’s like everything old is becoming new again, and I’m loving it. Scrolling through Instagram recently, it is like over Continue reading “Where to Buy a Vintage Louis Vuitton and Gucci Bag”